About YORG.io 3

When all tower defense, zombies and strategy elements are combined, it becomes YORG.io 3 unblocked! Are you ready for the third chapter of YORG.io game? It’s back with a new battle and better features for you to explore. The game introduces brand new content, with lots of new buildings as well as unique enemies.

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In YORG.io 3 free game, the mission for you is to create a base to survive all the waves of zombies. They want to destroy your base, so you must do whatever you can to protect it. You start placing mines and factories to get supply chains that help generate ammo for your protective towers. Each tower has its own abilities, make sure you upgrade all towers to unlock more special abilities. Your resources are important to manage too. When you are fully equipped, you will find it easier to defeat the zombies and their bosses. The waves of zombies will become tougher through over time. Therefore, you have to keep your towers upgraded for having enough strength to deal with them. Can you get through all waves of zombies in YORG.io 3 online? Come to play it now!

How to play YORG.io 3

Choose actions and interact with your defensive towers using the left mouse button.

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