About Kize.io

Loot items, farm materials, and fight your way to the highest rank in Kize.io unblocked! Do you need a new battle royale game experience? If yes, say hi to this multiplayer io title for more challenges. The game will take your experience to the next level. Plus, it will give you a new chance to show your surviving skills off against enemies.

Play Kize.io Free Online
Play Kize.io Multiplayer Free Online

Kize.io online welcomes players from around the world to a lobby. When all of them are ready, they will go to the main map to begin the battle. You must find items from some chests, or loot from enemies, collect resources, farm materials and use them for your survival. You need to build some defensive walls to keep you safe from enemies. When you are fully confident, venture out into the map to hunt others and quickly kill them with your weapons. Pay attention to the zone that keeps making the map smaller. If you don’t avoid it, you will take damage from it. No matter what you do, your life must be protected all the time if you want to win. When you are the last player standing on the ground, you will become the victor. Have fun with Kize.io online! Don’t forget to experience other battle royale io games!

How to play Kize.io

Use E/F to interact with ground items, chests, and cars. Shoot weapons using the left mouse, toggle build mode to build walls using Q, press the spacebar for jumping, Shift for sprinting, R for reloading weapons, M for viewing the map and planning for the zone that is closing in. Use the number keys 1-6 to change guns. To drop and move your inventory, simply click then move it to where you want.


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